Three roses

New Stories. Thirty pieces of photographic paper test-strip (archives from Holly and Ka-sing studio, mid 80’s to early 90’s) in pairing with items provided, in a large shoe-box, from Kai Chan. Words by Lee Ka-sing

This series was released, as part of the contents, in the exhibition 2K (2.0) at GALLERY 50. Exhibition started from March 10 through April 8, 2018, this is the second edition collaboration of works by Kai Chan and Lee Ka-sing. All items in the “New Stories” series are not-for-sale, however, Studio XPECIAL published a full set of fine documentation (30 pieces) in X10 (a mini-print publication in the format of 4.75”x6.5”). X10 publication is mainly served as fine documentation of works by Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing, for researchers, curators, writers, as well as their followers. X10 is available at the gallery, or can be ordered online.

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